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Cheryl St. John

Dancing in the Dark

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She'd wanted to dance, get married and have babies... all she had left was dance.

He had everything a man could want--except her forgiveness

Kendra Price had never wanted to be rich, but wanted to be comfortable, which she was. She’d never wanted fame, but to live her passion to the fullest and dance, which she did. She’d wanted to marry Dusty, have babies and live happily ever after. Which would never happen.

Dusty Cavanaugh has loved Kendra since she walked into the school cafeteria and captured a dozen boyish hearts with the sweep of her stormy gray-green gaze and the lift of her chin. College, marriage, and children had been the plan. Then their dreams vanished like morning fog. He’d had his own baby. Without her.

There had been no roadmap for life apart. Will love be enough to guide them back?

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