Gorgeous Scars

M. A. Jewell
Book Fourteen
People love you...people kill you...


Supermodel Harper Inez has it all—until a bullet to the brain changes everything. Learning that the NYPD’s top suspect is her fiancé, shakes her trust in everyone. Fearing for her life, she flees to an exclusive mountain resort located near an equine-assisted therapy facility. After a rehab session, an engaging cowboy invites her to lunch, and she surprises herself by accepting. 


When professional tie-down roper Landon Macek’s horse is injured, his dream of a world championship is put on hold. He takes a temp job training therapy horses in Spencer, Colorado while his mount recuperates. As a longtime Harper Inez fan, he’s followed her shooting in the news and is stunned to recognize their mysterious VIP patient traveling under heavy security. 


Enchanted by the surprisingly kind and vulnerable woman, he can’t help but fall in love, patiently waiting until she catches up to the idea. However, it becomes clear that her celebrity lifestyle collides with his modest rodeo roots. Landon would give his life for her, but does he love her enough to live in her world?