*lizzie starr

*lizzie starr always made up games and stories to keep her company. So, a cunning witch lived in Grampa’s weather research station and was only held at bay by waving a certain weed. An ancient road grader morphed into a boat carrying wild adventurers to islands filled with fierce lions and dangerous cannibals, which really looked a lot like sheep. When her 6th grade teacher read to the class, *lizzie discovered the knights of old, Hobbits, and traveling through space and time. Her first written tales delved into fantasy worlds, and she passed many literature classes by handing in stories instead of essays.

Even though she’d turned up her nose at her mother’s love stories, long night shifts at a nursing home drew her to the facility’s library. There she discovered that romance made tales of fantasy and science fiction more delightful, and the focus of her writing expanded.

Filled with fantasy, love, and romance with a sparkling twist, the stories of her imagination swirl their way into the mundane world and into her reader’s hearts. 

When *lizzie must return to a more routine life, she’s *the Lunch Lady* at a private school. Author and lunch lady~~what a combination!

*Romance with a  sparkling twist!

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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.

Friedrich Nietzsche