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Lonely Eyes


Bernadette Jones

There is an art to pursuit.

Keira is running out of time. She is desperate to find her past. The handsome stranger with the dragon tattoo says he can keep her safe, but he doesn’t know the beast on her trail or the secrets she keeps. Will her mysterious protector save her or will she be dragged back to her living hell?

While deployed in the military, Owen Strong lost his loved ones to a vicious criminal. Returning home, he spent years participating in underground fighting to find the monsters. He swore to never let evil win again. Now he’s made a new family of friends in Spencer, Colorado—one he will protect at all costs.  When he finds determined Keira Hoa Thi, she rouses more than just trouble in his forsaken heart. Looking into her desperate lonely eyes, he realizes evil is coming for her. Now everyone’s in danger. 

But she’s come to the right place. He’s the monster hunter. 

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