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Sleepin' Alone

Bernadette Jones


Every man is guilty of the good he did not do….


Undercover cop, Hunter Lawe, knows all there is to know about betrayal and regret. Working human trafficking crimes has taught him to distrust everyone. Seductive Ruby Leigh Dupree may hold the key to his redemption, but never his heart. He’s on a quest to right the failures of his past. He’ll use anyone to get the enemy, no matter the cost.

Ruby Leigh Dupree, running from a past she can’t remember, settles in the town of Spencer, Colorado. Night terrors and scars keep her awake at night. When a man from her past walks in the door of the Wild Card Saloon, she’s forced to confront the demons from her nightmares. As difficult as it is to trust someone—especially a stranger—she has no options. Hunter Lawe says he has the answers. 

Will they lead to her past or her death?

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