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Sleepin' Alone

Bernadette Jones

Book 6

Hunter Lawe...riding the line between enforcing the law and breaking it...

Ruby Leigh Dupree is on a quest to find her future. Orphaned and raised by her grandmother she spent the last 10 years nursing her grandmother through her last years. Now on her own with the freedom to see the county she sets out on an adventure. First stop Chicago, where an accidental encounter with a man named Ricky DeMitri stole her memory. Now another man plans to use her and this time the price could be her heart and her life.


Hunter Lawe knows all there is to know about betrayal and the lie called love. His mother betrayed her children when they interfered with her love life. His lover betrayed him when her lips and body told him she loved him but her heart and soul belonged to the enemy. But Hunter is a quick study. No woman will ever use him again. That’s his game now. And he’ll use anyone to get the enemy this time, no matter the cost. After all, life is just the road to death.