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Small Town Secrets...

Rocky Mountain Rumors...

Generations of love.

Welcome to the home of the Aspen Gold Series

Each Aspen Gold author has chosen their own path and style to introduce a family member then develop their nucleus of friends, family, and relationships. One unique thing about this series is that each author has their own voice and approach to their characters' place in the community. Our stories range from sweet to sexy, angsty relationships to edgy romantic suspense, and sometimes even a touch of the paranormal. 

Come meet our patriarch, Jakob Spencer, his children, grandchildren and all the other families that live in the town of Spencer.

Join us as we have a look inside their lives: to laugh in their good times and cry in their sad times, to follow them as they solve mysteries, expose secrets, recover from their past, reach their goals, and most importantly—as they fall in love.

Now you can read the first chapters of the Aspen Gold books. Click the button on the book's page and get a tempting taste of each story. Enjoy this peek into Spencer and the world of the Aspen Gold Series!

Books one through twenty-one!

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