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Chronological Reading Order

The early Aspen Gold books were released in a reasonably chronological order--with a lot of overlapping events. Oh, how we all struggled with the Halloween Ball. As we moved through the years, some stories came quickly, others have taken awhile so that initial chronological planning took a hike to the mountains and got lost. 

Here is a list of the books in as close to a chronological order as we can get. While the action in a story may be spread out over months or compacted into a few days, the order of the books was determined by when each tale started.

Happy reading!

  • Yesterday's Promise

  • Dancing In The Dark

  • Call Me Mandy

  • Ryder's Heart

  • For Keeps

  • Second Chances

  • Sleepin' Alone

  • Whisper My Name

  • Stay A Little Longer

  • Finding Hope

  • Fortunate Cookie

  • Speechless

  • Close To The Heart

  • Lonely Eyes

  • Gorgeous Scars

  • Maybe I'm The One

  • Another Night Alone

  • Just My Imagination

  • A Better Man

  • Right Here Waiting

  • Trust Me

  • Anything For Love

  • I Sorta Do

  • How To Be A Heartbreaker

  • Christmas Promise Anthology

These books are coming soon!

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