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Stay A Little Longer

Bernadette Jones




The Healer

Doctor Gage Ewing is on the run from a past he can never forget. Tormented by the one who died, no matter how many people he saves, he can never be forgiven. Spencer, Colorado was supposed to be another temporary stop on his neverending road. But he made a mistake. He got involved. 

Death didn’t frighten Gage Ewing. Living scared the hell out of him. 

The Soldier

IrishMist “Ivy” Vaughn has been fighting to stay alive since the age of twelve. Trained with warrior skills in the military, then in black ops Ivy will be whatever is demanded of her. Changing personas at the ring of a phone: bodyguard, protector, assassin. Living out of a duffel bag, with no permanent home has taken a toll. Small town Spencer, Colorado was supposed to be a place to bury her former life and start over.

Will the past let her walk away? 

The only thing a Healer and an Assassin have in common is death. 

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