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Christmas Promises

Romantic short stories from the Aspen Gold authors.


This three-story anthology is packed with all the feels, the Spencer atmosphere, and the holiday cheer you've come to expect from the Aspen Gold authors. The stories will have you in the mood for Christmas as quickly as you can say Saint Nick.

Included in this collection:

The Baby Contract ~Cheryl St.John

She thought she knew what she was looking for…until what she was looking for found her
She wants a baby. Piper Newport has made up her mind. It has always been only her and her Grandad, and she’s determined to have a family like others she sees in Pearl’s Café where she works. One little problem. There’s no man in the picture. She’s determined to find one, and it becomes increasingly clear—her closest friend is the best choice.
Kipp Hudson is an outdoor guy. A good son and brother. A fun-loving uncle to his niece and nephew. He owns and operates Hudson Outdoor Gear and is an avid camper and hunter. Kipp won’t damage his friendship with the petite blond waitress so he doesn’t wear his heart on his plaid flannel sleeve...but it beats for her.

Eve Before Christmas~Bernadette Jones

Dreams can come true, on the eve before Christmas.
After taking a permanent position in Spencer, successful doctor Mitch Smith realizes there’s something missing. But with long hours in the ER, there’s no time left in his day to go looking. Frozen pipes in his new home, combined with a town crowded by the Christmas Festival, lead him to the last available motel room. He discovers his destiny waiting behind the reception desk.

Unwanted since the day she was born, Norma Brown is rejected once again. Pregnant, she vows her baby will never feel unloved.  Trying to make ends meet in Spencer leaves her exhausted and struggling. Until the holiday season brings more than a snowstorm. The support of a good man could change her life forever.

Can she trust her emotions and allow the kindness of a stranger turn into an everlasting love?

The Perfect Snow Globe Christmas~*lizzie starr

Is there such a thing as a perfect Christmas?
To avoid a bleak holiday, Priscilla Van arrives at Spencer ready to start her new job. Little did she know, she'd end up helping with the Barlow triplets. Or that she'd find meaning and acceptance in a snowy Colorado town.

A successful author and nanny (don't you dare call him a manny) to three adorable babies, Oakley Fifer has promised his fans a Christmas story. But he has no inspiration. Until the new Stick Pony Camp chef arrives early. The reserved woman ignites a wealth of ideas, and not just for his stories.

Alone, neither expects much from the holiday, but together? It may just turn out to be perfect.

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